Habilitation, Respite, and Attendant Care

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What is Habilitation?
Habilitation is self help skills taught in steps to develop more independence and confidence. Habilitation includes a variety of methods such as: special development skills, behavior intervention, sensory and motor development skills, which are all designed to maximize the functioning of persons with developmental disabilities.

What is Respite?

This service provides short-term care and supervision in accordance with the person’s Individual Support Plan. The goal of the service is to provide a “break” for the caregiver. This service can be provided in the person's or the provider’s home. 

·         Providing for the social, emotional and physical needs of the person
·         Ensuring medication is taken as prescribed
·         Providing appropriate first aid or attention to an illness or injury
·         Following the person’s Individual Support Plan
What is Attendant Care?

This service provides necessary support in order for the person to remain in his/her own home and/or participate in work or community activities. The goals of the service include assisting the person to have a safe and clean home, stay healthy and clean and have good meals. This support may occur in the person’s home or in the community. Based on the person’s specific needs, as identified through the individual support plan process, some of the tasks related to attendant care may include:

                                                                ·  Bathing & Hair Washing                                         ·  Eating and meal preparation
                                                                · Tooth Brushing                                         ·  Transferring to or from a wheelchair
                                                                ·  Using the toilet                                         ·  Planning and shopping for meals
                                                                · Dressing                                         ·  Participating in community activities

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